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Mailing Bags

Blue Mailorder Bag Polybags has loads of options for mailing bags in a range that includes lightweight polythene mailers, Mailtuf for heavy duty mailing, Mailbudget for economic 'Peal n' Seal' style envelopes and opaque Tamper Evident mailers to protect the contents and ensure it is only opened by the right person.

As featured on Polybags.co.uk the glossy blue mailorder bag is a top selling strong lightweight bag available in a range of popular sizes which is great for internet or mail order businesses.

Plastic mailers

The versatility and wide range of choices in plastic mail bags make them a popular choice in today's business world and with the general public. Plastic mailers not only come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, but also have many additional features that offer the added benefits of cushioning, durability, strength, tamper proofing, puncture resistance and water resistance as well as marketing potential. Polythene mailing bags are a very cost effective choice as well since they are cheaply made while still a great product that offer all that is needed and more. Regardless of your business or personal needs, you are sure to find the right plastic mailing bags for your particular mailing needs.

Clear polythene mailing bags

Clear polythene mailing bags can be used to post brochures, magazines, newsletters or any other mailing which is desirable to show its content. Normally clear mailers are tamper resistant and come with a self seal, otherwise they can be heat-sealed. You could attach address labels if you preferred or you could use mailers with write-on-panels. There are many other types of mailing bags available in colored plastic if you need to post confidential items in which clear plastic mailing bags would not work for you.

Blue mailing bags

Blue mailing bagsIf looking to make an impression, metallic blue mail bags or silver plastic mailers can be a great way to make a visual impact. They are also low weight yet very high strength. Both the blue metallic mail bags as well as the silver mailers are made to be puncture resistant and waterproof. These make great business promotional tools, as the colors and style are not easily forgettable. This along with a custom sales message or business logo can make a double impact on your existing and potential customer base.

Printed mailing bags

Printed mailing bags can be a great marketing tool as you can add a company logo or slogan and promotional messages that will be highly visible as you package travels to its destination. Along with the various types available today, they can also be pre-printed with your return address or a custom message designed on your polythene mailers. These custom-printed polythene mailing bags can be printed in large quantities on any type of plastic mail order bag. Plastic mailing bags can also be made to look highly professional and very attractive no matter what type of polythene mailer you use. Businesses sometimes use printed plastic mailing bags to give gifts to employees or other businesses as the message can be personalized in any fashion needed for any occasion.

Courier bags

Polythene mailersCourier bags are designed for protecting products and delivery of those products. Plastic mailing bags are lightweight, saves money on postage and water resistant.

Mailing bags are mainly made from paper or plastic. Nowadays, most plastic mailing bags are made of Polyolefin's and they are either mono or co-extruded.

Types of courier bags

Courier bags are available from the simple clear polythene bag for sending brochures to tamper evident mailers for when you need to make sure your mailing will arrive safely and only be opened by the right person. For every situation there is a suitable courier bag.

  • Large heavy duty courier sacks
  • Security mailers
  • Tamper evident mailing bags
  • Bubble mailers
  • Document enclosed envelopes
  • Lightweight postal mailers
  • Metallic silver mailers
  • Paper feel plastic envelopes
  • Featherpost padded mailers
  • Blue mail-order goods bags

Eco-friendly plastic mailers

The alternative eco-friendly plastic mailers can provide all of the same benefits and features of polythene bags and plastic mailers. These polythene bags are manufactured from a thin gauge high density degradable plastic. This means they are much more easily broken down and therefore better on the environment. Eco-friendly alternatives have gained acceptance in countries in which polythene bags were either previously banned or restricted. They are definitely the route to go if you have any environmental concerns about the use of these products.

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Grey Mailing Bags Strong Poly Postal Postage Post Mail Self Seal All Sizes Cheap Grey Mailing - £29.99

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Eco-Friendly Mailers Are Big Business

Eco-friendly mailers use recycled or even upcycled material. The use of this material creates less carbon since the product is being recycled. This reduces the cost of creating an eco-friendly mailer.

There are several benefits of printed mailing bags for your business. When you opt for printed mailing bags, you can design one with a unique size in order to make it stand out. You'll often acquire the selection to determine exactly what your printed mailing bags see like, enabling you to showcase your dedication to your company. This will assist build potential for repeat clients and will also establish your business as more upscale and will certainly encourage clients to take you more seriously. You certainly can not proceed gross!

Details about   Coloured Mailing Bags Strong polythene suppliers Postage Plastic Mail Post Seal All Sizes

Coloured Mailing Bags Strong polythene suppliers Postage Plastic Mail Post Seal All Sizes

Poly Mailers – 2.5 Mil – 10″ x 13″ – 200 Pieces

Wholesale Poly Mailers 2.5 Mil are a puncture resistant, tamper/water proof shipping envelope that enhances quality performance amid product deliveries. Our top notch emblems will sufficiently provide you ; when transporting promoting materials like magazines, catalogs, brochures and product samples. These mailers are designed to withstand alternative damages, their exterior polyethylene covering supplies superb functioning qualities. Compatible to your desired application, we offer a full list of products of sizes which enable users to transport big, small, uneven shaped or fragile products.

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Did you know that above five million people receive a package enclosed in polythene suppliers manufacturers packaging all year? So it follows that we will not be beaten for selection or value when it comes to polythene suppliers mailing bags and plastic envelopes, plenty of which come with a tamper evident seal, and which are optimal for use in mail order and despatch operations. Lightweight nevertheless robust and fast to use, our plastic mailing bags come in a lineup of colours and sizes which mean you will not have any trouble finding the polythene suppliers mailing bags that are proper for you and your business. Our big stocks of polythene suppliers mailing bags, econoMAIL bags , paper mailing bags, courier bags and more mean we can guarantee low prices, with generous quantity discounts and fast delivery across a big spectrum of popular mailing packaging. Why not coloured polythene suppliers mailers that will certainly make your mail stand out from the crowd.

Hallmaker Plastic AS is among the country`s leading suppliers of extruded plastic and polyethylene plastic film for industry, agriculture, transport and trade. We develop, manufacture and supply plastic film, sheets, tubes, bags, mail order bags and carrier bags, with or without pressure and with or without block/flap or on hoop. We have a wide spectrum of normal products and customised solutions, and work closely with our clients to meet their specific unique requirements. With our nearly 50 years in business, we have a robust foundation.

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